Exercise ATLANTIC POLEX 2021

Areas of knowledge
Target environment
Marine/coastal environments
European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA),DCPM-AMN (Direção de Combate à Poluição do Mar,Portuguese National Maritime Authority)
Resource type
Dissemination materials
DCPM-AMN (Portuguese National Maritime Authority)

This exercise was based on the simulation of a collision between two ships about 20 miles (approximately 37 kilometers) from Sines, which results in a scenario of pollution in the marine environment with the spillage of large amounts of crude oil (hydrocarbon with high viscosity) , which affected an area on the high seas and in the coastal zone, namely in the port, marina and beach areas. The objective of the exercise was to train emergency response procedures in the event of pollution at the regional level of the Mar Limpo Plan and to prepare the resources of the National Maritime Authority to combat pollution of the marine environment, in collaboration with other entities that make up the Maritime Authority System, with the carrying out of various actions of containment, collection and cleaning of polluting material in different sub-scenarios.